Solomon's Boneyard Update 2 Beta

edited November 2017 in Beta Testing
Okay, Betas, please test Solomon's Boneyard... unless big disasters show up, this should not take too long.  Primarily, I am fixing crashes and minor glitches and making it so Android Tablets go letterbox so that you can see all the screen features.

Here's the official change list:

o Several crashes fixed!
o Game will letterbox on tablets
o A new fate! Unlock the devastating "Call Comet" spell!
o Skill recharging will now correctly reset when you start a new game
o Everweld Perk will no longer join spells until you have chosen to join spells
o There are some additional visual cues for features
o Some fates can be disabled in settings

As always, it can take several hours for Google to roll this out to you.  To detect specifically if you have the newest version, just see if "Call Comet" is in the fates list, all the way at the end.
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