New Dahlo

I am always happy when there is a new Dahlo level.  Thanks.


  • Ah, right back at ya!
  • Dahlo, there are so many of your levels I just can't finish and that's of course, awesome! I recently revisited "Douchecity" and was flabbergasted that I finally managed to actually start progressing in this level but am now stuck once more lol! Perhaps next time...

    Big thanks.
  • Dahlo made a new level? Doesn't show up for me :(
  • "Dim Dem Lim".  Excellent level, but I really get stuck after about 5 minutes.  Not sure what else to try.
  • Let me know where youre stuck and ill give you a hint!
  • Thanks, dahlo! I am able to:
    • get the first gold key
    • get the double jump app
    • get the second and third gold keys
    • open the golden gates to get the red key
    • pass through the red gate (down and left from starting position)
    Once there, the only option I see is to pass above the head of a snake (to the right) to get the next gold key, then over two more snake heads (!!!) to get the laser and explosion apps. Yet I don't think it's possible to pass above one snake without dying here. Is there a heart hidden somewhere, or something else?
  • Youre right, after the red door you need to get the golden key on the other side of the snake, this is possible with the double jump app, you just need to jump at the right moment.
  • all this talk of robot wants kitty makes me wanna play again :P  first time i just played thru the story, never did any player created content, might have to check it out 
  • Tears, you are missing out.  A developer making levels for the "story" is somewhat constrained, the levels have to conform to certain rules that make the levels somewhat vanilla, stick to the story, and follow a certain progression.

    The player-created levels aren't confined to that ruleset.  Some of them are fantastic, breathtaking.
  • Dahlo, amazing. This level is masterful. I didn't believe I could get past the snake, but was finally able to.  Now much further along, I'm trying to find a third crystal to activate this crazy teleporter (in the bottom right area). Fantastic level.
  • Thanks niojer!
    One of the crystals is kind of tricky to get to, you need to use the "climb trick", from a pretty hard angle. Good luck!
  • Dahlo your new levels...just why ;-;
  • Not sure what youre getting at, its a trick a havnt seen before.
  • I think he meant 'how', surely. Great trick there Dahlo, I can't do it, yet!
  • Hehe, good looking out fnanfne! Keeping it friendly! :)
    You should surely be able to finish "cuadrapple jump". It's all about jumping at the right moment, as if youre jumping from the edge of the lava.
    The master jumper is quite a bit harder, since you have to do a perfect jump three times in a row.
    Very possible though, but might take a little bit of time
  • I meant "How: :P
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