Will there be an infinite dungeon mode for SKHD?

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Hi, Mr. Raptis.

I've been reading some korean game reviews of Solomon's Keep and I have seen a request by one of the reviewer(source: http://blog.naver.com/hunterjh/20126790544) that there should be some sort of infinite dungeon mode in Solomon's Keep. Considering the fact that it does feel bored after you complete up to gauntlet mode, I think infinite dungeon mode would be useful addition to keep the player engaged in the game. Of course this infinite dungeon mode is not the boneyard mode because those two have totally different style. Maybe you can call that feature "Solomon's Nightmare" and make the player to venture into the Solomon's endless dream. So... ...would you consider it as at least an add-on feature or something?


  • In the existing Solomon's Keep, after you win at the highest difficulty, you go into "gauntlet mode" which is just "play until you die."

    In the new version, my current intention is to make an expansion pack with new characters, and a semi-sequel where you descend deep into the inferno just to double check and make sure Solomon hasn't risen to a position of influence in hell-- and that will be the "infinite dungeon" mode.
  • Oh... so the gauntlet mode is the infinite dungeon mode. I’ll tell that to other people about the infinite dungeon mode
  • Yes, but make sure they know... you die in Gauntlet and you're gone-- all items, everything.  It switches your character to hardcore.
  • Is that going to be the boneyard mode aswell or is gauntlet going to be a separate 'afterwards' mode (meaning something you'll have access to after finishing the story)?
  • Gauntlet will be optional any time after you finish the game.  But it's a go in, never get out situation (unless you win, which I am going to make nigh-impossible)
  • Soooo its infinite but not actually infinite but it feels like infinite mode i guess?
  • Nobody really wants true infinite.  But everyone would love an uber-mode that is possible to win, but almost nobody can.
  • Ah because you'll still have the ability to summon the portal door like in the original SK?
  • Blizzard did that this Halloween with the overwatch pve event. Of course, they really did not expect there was actually some crazy people who were able to see the end of the “infinite” mode
  • SKHD is going to have an amazing limiting mechanic on the portal door that will cause the greedy player to denounce me, but will cause the true game/strategy aficionado to sing my praises... forever.
  • Good thing you plan to support other languages. I bet some people might have complain about certain thing that the game tells the player at the very beginning because they cannot read english. (I've seen some korean complaint that says "why there is no magic backpack in new boneyard?" "why can't I make portals like other guys do?" "why is the game choosing what I want to pick for skill after talking to that brown hat guy(annalist)?" "why did the brown hat guy(vernius) took my money?")
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