What is the correct way to pronounce Sirmin

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I was writing a post in korean about the new bosses in Solomon Dark and I faced a big problem:

What is the most accurate way to pronounce Sirmin?

Like potato and tomato, Sirmin has some possible different ways of pronunciation:

1. Sir-min
2. See-ir-min
3. Si-rmin
4. Sir-men
5. See-ir-men
6. Sirm-in

Mr. Raptis, if you are reading this, can you tell us all what is the proper way to pronounce this jerk's name. Though each of these pronounciation may look same, it does make one or two letter difference in translation.

fun fact: if Sir-min pronunciation is correct. Sirmin's name sounds exactly same as a Korean word for common-folk.

P.S. One more question, what is your definition of heartmonger? Also having trouble with translating his name.


  • It's "Sir-min."  Common folk, eh?  Most wizards are either gifted or ambitious peasants, or bored gentry.

    Heartmonger - in English, a monger can be loosely translately at someone who gathers up and hoards things.  Or someone who is greedy to have something.  You could translate it as if he had a pile of hearts somewhere and was looking to add to the collection, or you could translate it as if he was desperately (but greedily) seeking out hearts.

    Another translation context for monger could be "seller" or "trader" but that's not very dark.  For instance, a fishmonger gathers up a ton of fish (sort of like a speculator) then sells them at market.
  • The reason i asked you a question about heartmonger was that the heartmonger itself does not feel like it has anything to do with heart (eyemonger would have made sense because it sometimes blinds player). I just needed to make sure what you intended for that thing’s name. If you named heartmonger as a reference to a rock band called Heart, that is a different story.
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    Okay, I didn't want to say he was based on the band Heart, but if everyone's okay with it-- yes, it's true.

    He actually has a little bit of a backstory that would have been in the story game, where he was a large simpleton who got framed for a crime and got left in a cage to die and blah blah bunch of stuff why Solomon eventually named him Heartmonger after reanimating him.  It was supposed to be a sort of silly riff on Of Mice and Men.
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    So I guess the name heartmonger suppose to have lots of dork-ness and edginess of Solomon in it. I think I get how to translate this name, though there will be less dork-ness as I wished it to have.
  • Surely there is a way to amp up the dorkness?
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    Now that I think of it, the best to maximize dorkness with few consequences would be just make it sound same as english name (Korean dorks generally loves to use cool-looking english words). Technically, there are more ways to amp up dorkness but that would be same as reading the Necronomicon.
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