[Boneyard] Why Not dropping Skill book 25LV+ ?

i used 100%xp 3 rings and played game

40 minutes after i got a 30lv wazoo mage
but i killed 500k imps, not eating skill book.

is this balance mode?


  • Imps come in high quantity, so they have much reduced chance to drop goodies-- you can't really farm them that well for that kind of thing.
  • Is it also normal that in 1 game no books actually show up?
  • i've had that happen a few times (some with the more loots perk and some with out)
  • Yep... it's all 100% absolute random.  You'll get good runs and bad runs, depending on whether you've done your proper prostrations to God.
  • I even tried to put flowers in the grave in hopes of good rng lol.
  • You know there's an achievement for flowering all the tombstones yeah?
  • Raptisoft
    really? it's random system?

    when i tried four times test yesterday,
    24lv~29lv mage  killed 300k imps  (so many split imps boss time... Perhaps 10waves?)
    i got a so many skill books and so many quard damege item
    of course i got a lots of golds and rings and potions

    but 30lv mage not happen dropping
    i wanna 4 siege mage skill and 5 hardin skill
    how can i do.. ?

  • I found after a few waves of imps they stop dropping rings. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a spellbook from the Unholy’s imps. I’ve also killed a few hundred thousand in the last couple of days.
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