I want a copy of your savegame when you are at the fourth unholy

Hi all,

I'm looking for a copy of a Boneyard savegame at the fourth unholy, when there are "too many imps" onscreen.  I put in an imp cap, but it's getting around it somehow.  When I play it, the cap works.  So I want a copy where it's clearly NOT working so that I can evaluate all the bits and bytes and other computer guy lingo.

If you want to get me this savegame, please do the following: (Note, you must be on the latest version for this to work)

1. Play until you get to the point that the imps are overwhelming, then press the ? button to exit to the main menu
2. PM me saying "Yo, I'm there"
3. I will give you a code to punch in.  Go into settings/h@xxor stuff from the main menu and punch it in.  It'll send me a copy of your savegame.
4. Resume your desperate and tragic game.



  • Yeah the imps seems to be slowing my game, one time it went to 1 frame per 5 seconds because i literally had to wait for my screen to move. Will this be fixed soon?
  • Do you have the savegame there?  I need a savegame before I can fix it.
  • I can maybe do a run to reach the fourth unholy, do I save when I reach it or do I need it to summon imps first before I save?
  • Try to get it to the point where you have overwhelming imps onscreen and your framerate is just beginning to stutter.  Then just hit the ?, back out, and let me know via PM (PM's email me so that I get notified faster)
  • I made one….
  • I sent a PM, hope the problem here isn't my phone's just too weak.
  • The amount of imps is too crazy, 5th unholy can completely stuck my phone(Galaxy note).
    2000+kills / frame
    30sec / frame
  • edited November 2017
    I'd be happy with 30fps my frame rates were around 10fps of not lesser
  • Okay, I have sent a couple codes... I'll let ya'll know if I need anything further.  I just need a game that's manifesting it, since when I test it... it works.  So SOMEWHERE, something is happening that I don't "play right" to replicate it.
  • So after I continued my game until fifth unholy my game somehow didnt save after I press the question mark then leave game losing all my rings and 200k gold farmed in that run.
  • I saved the game while surround by tons of imps btw
  • Found it and fixed it-- the most recent beta contains the fix.  The imps were kinda bugged, I don't know when they broke, probably sometime right before Apple changed things so that I couldn't update the games any more.
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