All the information about SKHD so far(11/16/17)

* Most of these are subject to change.

1. Monsters and Bosses

-All of the bosses and monsters in Keep, Boneyard, Dark will return in SKHD
skeleton, skeleton mage, skeleton archer, skeleton warrior, wraith, imp, maggot, zombie, shade, coffin, lesser demon, spider
Charles the Hammer, Bone Daddy, Monoculous, The Unholy series, Solomon Dark, Heartmonger, Dire Faculties, Imp Portal

-There will be new monsters and bosses
rodents, Solomon's Mother, unknown demon boss, unknown zombie boss 

-The previous bosses will have revamped attack patterns.
-Every run will have different bosses for each floor

2. Magic

-All the spells from three previous games will return in SKHD with few exceptions (enchant staff, fortunate flailing, turn undead etc.)
-Weld Magic will be changed to be easier to understand.
-Some spells will be unlockable.
-Boulder spell will be adjusted to be more useful in Keep (it is possible that boulder may be added on DLC).

3. New 3 Classes (and 2 DLC class and more multiplayer classes)

-Beside Wizard, we can choose other 3 classes: Paladin, Necromancer, and Rouge
-Paladin is a tanky warrior who excels in close combat and withstanding damage.
-Paladin does not have mana but have something else.
-Necromancer can summon various undeads and demons on his side.
-Necromancer can use scythe like Solomon.
-Necromancer can become a lich.
-Rouge is a ranged archer who excels in getting more gold and laying traps.
-There will be no female playable character for now.
-There will be multiplayer exclusive character like Bard.
-There will be 2 DLC character: Samurai and Druid.
-The name of each character is : Martin(Paladin), Mort(Necromancer), Archie(Rogue), and possibly Sirius(Wizard)

4. Items

-You will not be able to abuse using Magic Key like in old Keep.
-the inventory is pretty much similar to Diablo style.
-Each item will have very unique bonuses other than those dull +2 Battle Mage stuff.
-The books that appear on Boneyard and Dark will also appear in Keep as item.

5. Modes and etc.

-If you are tired to the Keep, you can always go to the boneyard and have fun killing endless wave of undeads.
-Side Quests will be added in the game
-If you start Gauntlet Mode, your character will automatically become hardcore character.
-Gauntlet mode lets you venture into the depths of hell.
-Gauntlet mode is sort of an "infinite dungeon mode". There are still an end but it will be almost impossible to beat it.
-You might meet a previously dead character.
-General gameplay time of each run will be around an hour.

6. Platforms and Language
-SKHD will be released in Steam, iOS, and Andriod.
-Steam version is $9.99 and mobile version is free with ads
-SKHD will support other languages
-Like I said earlier, there will be a co-op multiplayer mode.

-There will be donuts in this game.

There are other possible information about SKHD but most of them are speculations so I decided to not add in this list.


  • Don't forget you're going to be a boss, too.
  • edited November 2017
    Well putting that on here would be too egotistical. ;)
  • edited November 2017
    Question is will you be flinging pepper shakers of death or firing deadly peppermints lol
  • edited November 2017
    This is pretty accurate.  Also of interest: hardcore characters who die become minibosses in the keep (Solomon makes use of your corpse, and it's the way to recover your stuff if you die).

    Also, freemium will have to be turned on MANUALLY (or will turn on automatically after you win the game).  This is to quiet all the voices that say the game is designed so it can't be won without buying gold.
  • Release in early/mid/late 2018?
  • edited November 2017
    I do not give specifics since any time I give too specific of a target date, the universe immediately experiences a wave collapse and is replaced with another universe that is exactly the same except that my target deadline is not met.

    Hopefully, saying "2018" isn't too specific.

    I will say this much though, it will not be early-- because by working with the original SK on these ports, I found that the new game had gotten a little too "hardcore" instead of just being pure fun, and I need to rework some of that.
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