To Beta Testing and Beyond

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Hi Betas,

I am rolling out another Boneyard Beta.  The change since the previous one is I've fixed the Unholy's Imps-- they will no longer be overwhelming.  However, there was also a glitch in the thing that controlled how much loot they dropped, so these imp storms will not be as viable as a farming mechanic any more either!

So let me know if there's any issues.  I am looking to promote it to live tomorrow if nothing shows up.  I am going to aim for just one more Bonyard update this year (with a couple of the bosses from Dark put in, as well as an improved money sink).

Oh, for reference:
  • Fixed: Buy Gold
  • Fixed: Hurricane crash bug
  • Fixed: Skills can no longer sneak beyond max level
  • Reverted: Perk system has been reverted to the original system (buy once, use many).
  • Added: You can tap to remove perks from your selected perks
  • Fixed: Various glitches with imp storms
  • Fixed: A bug that rarely caused ads to appear after buying Kill Ads.
  • Fixed: An occasional problem with lost savegames
  • Added: An option to disable letterboxing on tablets (don't do this)


  • Will this affect the scavenger meaning we will lose our existing rings with this update?
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    I don't THINK so... but to be safe, find / and backup the /sandbox folder somewhere.  If something happens you can copy it back and resume right where you left off.

    But the whole scavenger mechanic is unchanged (I didn't revert perks that much, all I did was make it so only the unlocking costs, subsequent uses are free.  Tonic still costs, and is more expensive now).
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