Some general questions (boneyard)


I'm stumped by some aspects of the game, hopefully some experienced players will be able to help ;)

  1. How is the actual mana consumption calculated? Sometimes I have a mana cost of say 40/second, a mana recovery of 20/second, but the mana empties extremely slow. (That's a net expense of 20 mana/second, with 100 mana, that should be around 5 seconds of spraying magic before it's empty - however it takes more like 10seconds)
  2. How the heck does poison work? Specifically those green bolts that follow you around? I've sometimes lost a full health bar (100health) upon touching only a single one of them!!! 
  3. Do specific monsters drop specific things or is it all completely random?
  4. What are the effect of for example embers or explode on welded spells like steam jet? Is there anywhere I can see a description of those effects?
That's all for now, thanks for your time ;)


  • 1. I'm not sure about that part.

    2. Poison deals certain amount of damage per tick. The damage dealt per tick increases as the game progesses and eventually at one point, you will lose full health bar in less than one second. Because poison damage is so powerful, you should always have your magic shield on all the time.

    3. Unless you are playing Solomon Dark, no.

    4. Explode and ember applies if you kill an enemy for steam jet and flame lash. In SKHD, welding will be much easier to understand.
  • But, the magic shield has no effect no those flying green balls? Also, it was really weird: They completely emptied my health bar but didn't kill me (like I would always have 1hp left or so).
  • Magic shield won't protect from poison (since it's not any kind of "impact" damage-- Magic Shield is supposed to be kinda like those shields in Dune).  However, poison cannot kill you-- it can only drain you to zero.  Something else has to kill you.
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    Yes, Magic shield does not block poison but it block other attacks but that is not the point. Like Mr Raptis said above, poison cannot kill you alone. Because you are will mostly have 1hp due to poison, magic shield is a necessary to prevent you from getting one shot by an arrow or lightning.
  • To answer question 1, the mana regeneration listed in the stats page is wrong. Boneyard has always had 10 mana regen per second base, but in the recent updates, the stat page was changed to show 7 base mana regen. Therefore, when your stat page says 20 mana per second, it's actually much closer to 30 mps. I mentioned this a few days ago, but it has not yet been fixed, or at least the iOS update with the fix hasn't arrived yet.
  • The mana stat is fixed in the update that's getting submitted this weekend.
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