Status 11/18/2017

Today's agenda:

o Publish Keep+Boneyard updates (some serious bug crushing in these updates, especially for Android)
o Get to RwK

Okay, so, this update of Keep/Boneyard addresses some of the more serious bugs that have been going on with the new OS's.  On Android, primarily addressed is the "buy gold" crash.  On iOS, primarily addressed is a situation where, when you press the home button, iOS would kill off the app before it could finish saving, if your phone was running slow.  With these both handled, I am hoping to not need to touch Keep/Boneyard for a while.

The overly optimistic schedule for the rest of 2017:

o Get RwK out
o Get one more Boneyard update out, with some added content.
o Get a nice simple Chuzzle 2 done so that I can submit it to Popcap for them to accept or refuse.


  • And if PopCap refuses?
  • Wait PopCap is still a thing?
  • They're now in the clutches of EA, but they haven't been killed yet. It will happen eventually, of course. It always does.
  • If Popcap refuses, then I put it out myself and it becomes part of the funding mechanism for SKHD.  I think it's VERY unlikely that they will publish it-- for those that know anything about the company, Popcap used to put out 5-6 games/yr when I was working closely with them, and still put out 1-2 a year when they sold to EA... but current Popcap is acting like Marvel or Lucasfilm after Disney bought them-- just putting out little different versions/sequels of all their existing games.
  • I am amazed at the concept of buying a company then gutting it so it loses all its basic idea and content and revenue generation what was the whole point in the first place?
  • No... a company like EA buys a small company to prevent them from becoming a competitor in the future.

  • Ea would really be worried about PopCap aren't they dealing with two completely different Arenas PopCap was like for small cute type games they were never about putting out Triple A titles
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    Like all AAA companies, EA's ultimate goal is complete industrial domination. Though PopCap was by no means a huge company prior to their buyout, they were a big player in the casual games market. So EA probably bought them to strengthen their foothold there.
  • That's my whole point of why I don't understand what ea did if their goal was to get a foothold in the small games Market why did they just let PopCap die it's not like they've done anything since then
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    Because EA is only capable of destruction. They keep buying companies, gradually forcing unethical business practices on them, then shutting them down once their game's sales are no longer up to their standards. This is nothing new at all. They've closed over a dozen of their studios in less than 20 years.
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