Robot Wants Kitty Beta Signup

I'm about to embark on the final splurge to finish RwK's port.

If you have an Android device and want to be in the beta, please enter your e-mail here:

Because the upcoming week is a big holiday week in the USA, it's unlikely that the beta will be delivered this week.  So expect the beta sometime between right now and 2087.


  • If there’s an iOS beta I’m in
  • I wish!  Apple makes running an iOS beta basically a whole job unto itself.  And they have to approve every single build. 

    But for me, at least, the point of a beta is so I can rapidly fix bugs and throw the fixes right at the beta testers.
  • Noticed a typo:

    Keep an eye on to watch for new betas to sign up for...
  • Shoot, I'll add a couple more w's... anything worth doing is worth overdoing!
  • Cool stuff
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