Lost all my Rings

During an iOS update I had a in progress game going after the update. The game was no longer in play and all my rings were gone from the scavenger..... I had some really nice pair 100xp  and +2 damage / 45% resist and so on.... BOO BOO.

So watch out and make sure your game is wrapped up before any updates.


  • Apple changed a library since ye olde days so that to get a dependable game save after the home button is pressed, I had to insert special code.  I wasn't aware of it until just recently.  So with the current versions of both Keep and Boneyard out there, it's possible that iOS will not give the app enough time to save the game when you press the home button-- so press the '?' and leave game before quitting.

    The fix for that is already submitted to the app store and will hopefully be published before Wednesday.

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