So, about that new-old perk system

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Fans are never happy, that's just how things are, right? :D

I was really looking forward to the update until... 1000 gold per "more perks" potion, and we need to buy them on each game??!

The grudge against having to pay for perks was that it makes the game stressful because you really don't want to lose the money you invested in perks on that run. But if now I need to pay 2000gold on every game just to have all my perk slots, it makes it much worse than before! At least with the "same perks as last time" thing, I could generally fill up all my perks for less than 1000 gold. Now that option disappeared (since reusing perks is free,which is good), and we have to pay those fixed 2000 gold instead... 

I'm sorry to be complaining still, I know you just want to get started with the other things you're working on. And I don't know what the community thinks, it might be just me being grumpy ;) 


  • I have to have SOME kind of gold sink, but I am actually planning a new update relatively soon with a couple new fates, and one of the fates will be a fate you can buy over and over again, to reduce the perk tonic price.  It just didn't go into this update because I CRITICALLY needed this update to go out to fix the android gold-buy crash.

  • Well, it used to cost 500 per potion, so that was 1000, plus several hundred if you used the bargain bag. Even more if you needed to change up your perks. The point of perks being free is you can experiment with new perks without fear of running out of money because you didn't make enough on that run. With the other system, if you took a run to experiment with perks, you wouldn't be able to save money with your old bargain bag, and would have to rebuy all of your perks
  • Well, you can't really experiment (unless you experiment with only two perks), since the cost of getting all the perk slots is so high...

    But hey, the solution with the fates sounds kind of good :-)
  • I'd prefer that opening slots be permanent and you have to pay for the perks themselves

    than having to pay for slots every time but perks are permanent
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