Monday Screenshot 6/8: Don't open that door

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An important feature I was not able to add to original Keep due to memory/texture constraints is in!  I very much wanted to set up some real dread situations-- like being low on health, opening a door, and having a whole army just pour out from behind it.  The keep is no longer a wide open cavern of open rooms... now doors help distribute the action.


  • I don't imagine that I would ever open a door while low on health unless I was forced. I think it would be cool to force it sometimes, perhaps as you unlock the door monsters burst through the door throwing you to your back a few feet backwards, doing a significant amount of damage. That way you could force low health situations.

    I think the doors will help make it so monsters don't wander around sometimes too. Ive been in a room before where not only the monsters in the current room were attacking but stuff was flooding in from the top and left side. I don't know if that was intended or not but now you can control it a bit I suppose.
  • Yea! That was one of the best features of diablo 1!
  • As you may have guessed, I want to produce the feel of Diablo 1 crossed with a modern skill system.
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    Fake doors that explode if you try to open them. Do it.
    Also add a counter that uploads online how many people die to said doors and make it a very visible number for players only after they contribute to it.
  • Sounds great. Truth be told, the skill tracking was actually my favorite part of SK. But it's true that I rarely took much damage later on because their was no pressure to move to the next room unprepared—more low health scenarios would be great.
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    i fully agree with the forced low health scenario, it will definitly liven things up. to add molre things like that, you could have a room with a confusion spell or something put on it, so where you aim is not where you attack, or rooms with varying mana levels, some rooms theres no mana at all (so your mana dosent recharge at all) and some have an abundant amount so it fills faster. im sure other people can come up with more variations too.

    maybe have class specific penalties too, like a room that negates magic shield for the mage, and another that removes a weapon/armor/skill for the paladin, etc.
  • Building upon TOA's idea- Maybe something like "Cursed Rooms" where you are forced to either defeat a special enemy first or deal with their debuff until you clear the room?

    A post-game challenge mode could be neat too. what irked me about the original SK was that the challenges felt like optional badges. Not really worthwhile to complete. Getting a real reward for completing the game with a handicap would be nice.
    -Like: Random Skills on level up = 10% Better Equipment Drops.
  • Maybe you could unlock the wizards like athicus and wazoo by completing challenge mode on both of the people who have their starting skills
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