Boneyard crash after getting Hurricane

Hi there, my first time here, though I've been playing and occasionally browsing the forums for a long time.
I'm writing because I ran into a weird crash today. I was playing Boneyard as Wegnus, I had been using Ball Lightning, but at level 27 I got offered the Hurricane skill and decided to give it a try. So after picking it I went to change my firing skill to Lighting and as soon as I did the game immediately closed. I reopened it and found myself back at the main screen, all my rings gone from the scavenger. Not really sure what the issue was, but I'd been having a rather flawless experience since the update.


  • The hurricane bug was a specific thing that I fixed in the latest one... sorry about that (and I'm surprised this wasn't anything anyone noticed earlier, because it would have been a problem from day 1).

  • I also had this problem this evening. I was playing Aliss on Android and got the hurricane spell and as soon as I went to use it the game crashed and then when I went back in I had lost everything.
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