Monday Screenshot 6/15: Just a lot of drudge work

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Much of this week has been spent on Cubic Castles work, and on behind-the-scenes user interface stuff for Solomon that I can't show anyone, ever, in the new World Legal Climate.  But, so you know things continue, here's a screenshot of the player walking the keep with the map up. 


  • Aw yeah, just like old time!
  • Will there be the possibility of a floor having more than one staircase, perhaps a hidden one?
  • Hidden or secret rooms would actually be great in this game...
  • Im pretty sure he mentioned something similar, he said there might be rooms like "A level 10 paladin could smash his way through this door" kinda stuff. I dont know about secret though
  • Duck:
    There will be a couple "side routes" but in general the philosophy of the game is to be a sweet-and-simple "clear this area, go on to the next one."  The intention is "you can win the game in an hour if you go directly" (in fact, the do-it-in-an-hour achievement will still be there), while allowing a user who wants to explore every little nook/cranny/side-quest to get 3-4 hours out of a single tower run.

    I am putting in secret rooms.  Three different kinds: Ones that can ONLY be found by the rogue character (or with an item that gives you the rogue's find hidden skill), standard ones that can be found by pushing on the right wall, and ones that can only be entered if you have a specific skill that nullifies the ward that Solomon put on it (i.e. "it looks like this field could be broken with a level 5 magic missile").

  • Sounds like lots of content :D
  • yea, im definitly looking forward to it :)
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