Patching notes?

Hi there, I noticed both Boneyard and Keep were patched on the IOS versions today.

I had a quick question or four for anyone that has patched.
The brief notes mention that perks will now revert to "once purchase kept" format.

If anyone has patched, do the old "purchased - now reduced price" perks have to be purchased again?
Is it at the reduced price or full price again?
Has the prices of Perks also gone up for first purchase? (ie, 3rd finger was 15000 to purchase at first pirce - has it gone up or stayed the same?)

Thanks for any information you are able to give on the recent patch changes.
Are tonic's still in the game, or has it gone back to the earlier 'purchase one extra spot' way?


  • Hi. In boneyard, the perk system is more like it was before: already bought perks don‘t have a price anymore. However, the tonics to expand the usable perks seem to always cost 1000 gold. The creepy hand (3 ringfingers) costs 25000 gold for me.
  • Tonics are more expensive now, but the next update will have a fate that can be bought repeatedly to reduce tonic price.
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