More Rings and Bonuses Perk Bug

I have a bug to report. The see more rings and bonuses perk does not seem to work. I just tried it multiple times and got around 10 quad damages each time, but only 1 or 2 skill bonuses. Am I supposed to only get quad damages with the more rings and bonuses perk and not more skill bonuses?


  • edited November 22
    No, it's all purely random... sometimes there's runs, but it will literally just roll a random number and use that to choose what drops.  So long runs of the same thing CAN happen.

    I even had a situation once, when testing, where I was getting SO MANY rings dropped that I had to check the code to make sure that it wasn't broken in favor of dropping items.  But it was just one of those weird random runs that can just happen sometimes.

    Funny side story: When I wrote Chuzzle, I had to make the colors of the Chuzzles that drop in be NON-RANDOM, because to a person watching, true randomness can look like non-randomness, just because it's entirely within the realm of probability to suddenly get the same number, say, 3-10 times in a row, especially if you're only rolling from 1-4.
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