Can I get past the third unholy without buying a new phone?

I was very excited yesterday to finally get to the 3rd unholy, until he summoned a couple thousand imps who sent my framerate to 1/2fps and killed me shortly after. Great frustration ensued.

I can't imagine how it must be at the fourth unholy. Anything I can do that doesn't involve buying a new device? :)


  • Latest version fixes this-- make sure you don't have an update pending!
  • Ha, unfortunately it was after the update... (There weren't even that many imps, probably. I guess a 200$ phone isn't really meant for games :D). I disabled the graphical settings now, will see if it still crashes!
  • Hm... even a cheapo phone should handle it.  If you still have trouble with the graphics settings off, after I get back post Thanksgiving, I'd like to grab a copy of your savegame so I can run some tests.
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