No way this will ever get open source? @-)

So, I can somewhat predict the answer, since you'll probably reuse a great deal of Dark's code for the new SKHD. 

But hey with it being thanksgiving and everything (not sure if people give gifts for thanksgiving as I'm not American but if they don't this seems like a good occasion to start): Is there any chance that you might make the source code for dark available some day? This would take modding to the next level, with people actually being able to add some missing game mechanics/fix some of the most gaping bugs :) 

All the best and thanks for the amazing games  (I guess people do give thanks at thanksgiving?)


  • I will PROBABLY open source Dark a year or so after SKHD is done.  But if everything goes as well as I want it to with SKHD, you won't really need me to open source Dark because you'll be able to mod SKHD.
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