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So, okay, every Monday I'll post a screenshot of SOMETHING.  It won't always be Solomon, and if I have a heavy week of working on Cubic Castles, it'll be a shot from that.  So let's get it started:

Feb 16th, 2015


  • Being at the top of the stairs looking as if you're coming out of that door, does that mean you can go inside it now?
    Also that drain in the bottom right, that's new. Seems to be the only notable differences than Keep
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    You can't go inside, but you can knock on the door...

    That drain is the village well-- a quest plot.  iOS Keep was a very small game because it had to work on iPhone 1 ... the new version will actually have you interacting with villagers as time goes on and receiving random mini-quests (all optional) along the way. There will be more in next week's screenshot, if it's from this game.

    Oh, and, as always, please note that there will be no screenshots of any user interface, for any reason.

  • Looks a bit too "dark and stormy" for me :p I don't remember Keep being so dim, hmm...

    Maybe it will look better in motion, but nevertheless, you might wanna make the room a lil more lighted.
  • Keep wasn't so dim. But I don't mind it. As long as it's not actually a struggle to see when you're playing.
  • So, I'm guessing this is a remake of Keep?
    If so, will the village be bigger? As in more than one place and have a place where you can buy potions etc. and another where you can enchant and level up your skills using gold?

    It would be cool if different staves/skills can change the lighting to a game, so say if you have the fire ball as your primary you would be able to see more of a dungeon room whereas Frost would have a 'cooled' dim lighting.
  • Dark was shown to have a village with many locations, so Keep deluxe will prolly be the same?

    The idea of magic glow illuminating dungeons is neat Scorp! I also think that this warrior guy should "pop" a lil more: like, all the wizards wear colorful robes that make them more recognizable in gloomy dungeons. This warrior looks quite unique, but perhaps a tad blackish?
  • A knight maybe? Sweet. I'm assuming this means at the town they will sell swords and shields? As for lighting you could enchant your sword. "Excalibur" should be the rarest....
  • If we're getting Excalibur we need "One Ring" too.

    That lighting idea sounds great scorp, it could be really awesome.

    I also agree with winds layer that the knight doesn't really pop. You can notice them quick enough, but I think it could be hard to distinguish them from enemies.

    ... Mind you, he doesn't look dead at all.
  • @Avantir_Chaosfire: dude I'm wind-slayer xD
  • I'm not sure if that was a mistake or autocorrect, but yeah XD
  • Excalibur would be allowed, but imsure there would be patenting issues with the one ring.. :P
  • How bout One Certain Ring? ;;)
  • One Ring was in Undercroft. As long as you aren't more specific it should be fine. I think.
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