Loss of rings after re-opening app

Hey everyone

I have been experiencing an issue where the game will delete my play session if i open another app and re-open the Solomons Boneyard app. On reopening the app, it will open a frozen screen of the game and after a second the app will close automatically. On reopening the app, the progress was wiped and I have to start a new game. While the inconvenience of having to start another game can be rectified, the loss of my rings cannot be done so easily. So far I have lost a +2 to all stats ring and a 1000% more gold ring from this bug and I just lost three 100% experience rings. Is there a way to fix this? It surely cant be intended or allowed to continue existing because I have no incentive to grind items that have no permanency.


  • Are you on the latest version?  Also, iPhone or Android?

    There was an issue that caused this that was fixed (an issue with how iPhone shuts down the app).  So if you are either on the latest version, or not on iPhone, I would like more information about the situation.
  • Thanks for the speedy response, Im on the latest version (3.80) and use an iphone. I would press the home button and use another app and when i opened the boneyard app again it would open my in-progress game as a frozen screen for a second and then close the app. On opening the app again, there was no option to continue my old game and all my rings used in the previous game were gone. What additional info can I provide you with to better diagnose the problem?
  • I'm going to PM you a code that will give me more information about your system... then hopefully I can use that to diagnose!

  • Dear Raptisoft: Same case as well, I had lost all my rings (500% gold, 3 X 100% Exp Rings, and others).

    Same scenario - I was midway in game, a message for iPhone came in, i tap on that to read, goes back into game, game screen is on the "Pause" screen with 3 options (Resume Game, etc), but totally unresponsive. After a few seconds, game closes. When re-open, all progress is lost.
  • Hi Raptisoft,

    I face a similar issue about loss of all rings, and not sure if I should post here or start a new thread.

    In any case, I lose the rings after the latest update for the iOS version of Solomon Boneyard. Immediately after the update, I'm still able to resume a game and play as usual. But after the game crashes on next startup, I noticed all my rings are gone. I had a +2 to all skills ring before, and even after farming for a week, I still didn't manage to find one now. Is there really no way to get the ring back? 

     I had communicated with Kevin last week thru email. Hopefully the crashes issue can be fixed, as it happen very often (almost once every 2 startup).

    Also liked to say thanks for the great games! Had them years back, and started playing them again after the 64bit update you did. Still love them.

    Oh, my current phone is iPhone X, running iOS 11.1

  • Okay, so what I am seeing as a pattern here is:

    1. Play game
    2. Switch DIRECTLY to another app (i.e. no home button, etc)
    3. Now life is meaningless and full of pain

    I know that the 64-bit version of iOS is quite different than the old version, so I must be missing something and I'm not detecting a switch so that I can save everything.  Okay, I will be updating with an attempted fix to this as soon as I can determine the cause.
  • I also have had this problem with the Ipad 2, and I can give a few more specifics, as well as a temporary fix to do until properly updated. It happens whenever I minimize app or turn of the ipad while the game is open. To stop this whenever you want to pause the game just tap the ? Icon and leave the game then exit the app. It will save everything if done this way like it should normally.
    Great game, Love the system.
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