Status 11/28/2017

Yesterday was a horrible disaster.  I discovered that the version of RwK I have been porting was NOT the latest version of the app, which means I now have to do a time-consuming code consolidation to merge all the latest code with my port.  It sucks, and it will take all day.

(I noticed because I was on the verge of doing the first-wave in-house beta and suddenly, poof, I realized features like one-way walls and those little buzzy-bee creatures were not in the editor!)

So I did manage to find the latest code, which I had put in another place.  Today is going to be a bit of a wash, I will be doing nothing but making sure everything is up to par.  It sucks!


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    Damn, that's pretty unfortunate. But good to hear everything else is almost ready for beta testing.

    Incidentally, if the latest source for RWK wasn't where you expected, is there any possibility the sources for Get Lucky, Boonka Snap and Hoggy Lite could be somewhere else, too?
  • Oh no!

    Hope it was clear sailing in the end.
  • Sometime may have been lost but at least your work and efforts have not. The glass is always half full.
  • @SomeRandomHEFan ... alas no. :) 

    I'm caught up now.  But I lost a day of work and am feeling grumpy and slow today now. >:(
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