Status 11/29/2017

Okay, I've recovered RwK up to the point where I was before I realized I wasn't where I was before I realized it.

So today... uh... on the agenda is to snap at anyone who dares approach me, and sullenly hit page up and page down while I try to recover lost momentum.

Some are curious about future plans... I had a schedule originally for 2017, but virtually everything has taken longer and I've had to face down a lot of glitches from the newer OS's... so the revised 2017 agenda is:

o Get RwK out
o Update Boneyard
o Update Hoggy
o Update Keep and Boneyard for Christmas

...and I plan to work a bit on Chuzzle 2 in January 2018, since I really need to get Popcap to either refuse it or take it.  And then it'll be all SKHD all the time.


  • (whips out the bluetooth keyboard and presses PgUp and PgDn while giving a defiant stare)

    (lols and snorts) i'm such a dork 
  • edited November 29
    Soooo the last update for sk and sb is our Christmas present... or a lobsterfest present.

    Do you live in a Keep on a mountain? :))
  • edited November 29
    oooooOOOOooooo that would explain the drafty breeze
  • Are you still considering porting Mahjong Blitz and Four Letter Words!?
  • I will probably do Mahjong Blitz, since it's done already, and only isn't out because Apple rejected it for not having a "restore purchases" button... four letter words, probably not, since I'm running out of time now.
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