I think I have won the game 100%. But I only reached level 15. What’s wrong with it?

I have just finish the trophy level, and I think I have completed all the levels. But my account only reached level 15. Is there something wrong?


  • Winning all the levels gets you to level 15 on Makermall-- to hit 20 you have to win the approval of other players!
  • I have another question. In the official levels, the bullets of a chuzzle can be shot in different rate. But I can’t find any way to achieve this in the level editor. Similar things come out with the water tap. Is there any solution for this problem?
  • Of course ! you need the Triggers to unlock some of thise powers. You also put a fruit counter for script the speed of those things..



    On the start of the level, under Hoggy, put a fruit.

    Put a counter with 1 fruit and double tap on the counter. And script that:

    --> tweak speed and choose the monsters or item you want to slow, ir accelerate (monster or bullet)

    You have to reach level 16 to unlock the trigger, so you can use the fruits counter for simulate the Trigger for now.
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