What is the official full name of SKHD

So I have been making a wiki page of Solomon's Keep and SKHD on namu wiki(a popular korean subculture and trivia wiki) and I faced one big problem: 

what is the official name of SKHD? 

so... ... what should I call SKHD in the wiki page?

P.S. What should be SKHD's official website?


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    Solomon's Keep:
    Ultimate Metal Edition

    The website will be www.solomonskeep.com

    I've never made a wiki... how are they hosted?  I'm willing to install wiki software on my server for stability and better access.
  • S.K.U.M.E for short? :D
  • Skume it up!
  • You should definitely change the design of the website when you are release the release date of SKUME.

    namu wiki is not about solomon stuff but rather about any games, memes, anime or etc. while other games’ page has decent amount of info, Solomon’s Keep didn’t even had a page until this year.
    Because i did not created Namu wiki, i do not know how exactly it works or tell you any info of how to make better wiki softwere. Though, it seems to work slightly different than most sub-culture wiki we normally see.

    P.s. solomon is a skum
  • Ah, I completely missed the word "Namu" when I read your original message.

    Yes, SolomonsKeep.com will get remade, it just falls into my site's game template right now.  It'll get a darkover.
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