Ive lost all my rings! (Solomons boneyard)

Hello friends,
Last i remember i was playing a game at work and i locked my phone... When i got home i fell asleep .. and this morning i reopened the app to continue.. unfortunaly my game did'nt save! And all my rings dissapeared...
I am using a samsung galexy S7
Please if theres anyway i can retrieve my rings let me know!! Thanks guys.


  • Hey, a couple questions:

    #1: Did you select to not continue playing a wizard?

    #2: What version are you on?  This was a bug in an older version that was fixed, but if it's not fixed, I will want to look into it (I haven't received complaints about it on the latest version)
  • Hello, Raptisoft
    Sorry for the late reply.. work has been rough.

    Question number 1
    No i didn't choose any options at all. I only reopend the app and hit play. It took me straight to the lobby wizard selection.

    Question #2
    I believe i am on the current version 1.1.6 my sb app is set to autoupdate.
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