Two suggestions regarding your self-advertisements

#1: The ads for Hoggy 2, Keep and Boneyard refer to the App Store even in your Android versions. You may want to change that to the Play Store.

#2: I noticed there are no ads for RWK and Mahjong Blitz. Why's that?


  • #2: They weren't done at the time when I set it all up.

    Also, note that these ads are basically fall-through ads... a user should not really ever see them unless they are playing with the internet off (in which case they just exist to prevent the player from turning off the internet just to get the game completely free).

    But I'll fix it... just low priority. 

  • I guess my Internet must be pretty bad, then. I get them pretty frequently. I'd estimate about 25% of the regular ads I get are such fall-through ads.
  • Huh, really?  Out of curiosity, what sort of internet speeds do you get?  I guess it's all down to how much ping there is between you and admob's servers...
  • edited January 15
    Don't know about my phone, but my PCs can reach a bit more than 700 Mbits/s.

    I get these ads particularly often when I just got a real one a few seconds ago.
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