A bug with Mahjong Blitz's ads

Don't know if this is common with Android phones, but mine generally behaves a bit weirdly the first few minutes after startup. I often get performance issues in all sorts of games during this phase. And it has some issues connecting to the Internet as well. This phase is generally over once notifications start popping up.

This is probably an issue with the hardware itself, but it also triggers a bug in Mahjong Blitz. Even though I purchased the ad removal, the game occasionally fails to recognize this when launched within the first minutes after startup. When this happens, the title screen still has the ad removal button, which fails to connect me to the Play Store when pressed. And I once again get ads. The only fix is to relaunch the game.

Seeing how this is the only one of your games for which I purchased the ad removal so far, it wouldn't surprise me if it could happen in the others as well.

I'll PM you a logcat.


  • Thanks for the Logcat... I'll look into it.  It literally sounds like the google play store's info is not populating correctly (or the login or something).

    Out of curiousity, what kind of phone do you have?
  • It's a Samsung GT-I8190 running Android version 4.1.2.
  • Perhaps I should explain what I was doing while that logcat was being created. I launched the game, pressed the "Remove ads" button, waited for several seconds, then cancelled the game's attempt to connect to Google Play.
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