RwK Beta 4 (Release candidate 2)

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The second RwK Release Candidate has been sent out... I made a few minor fixes, but most important is for @war2k, please see if the keyboard is fixed now.

Fomb, still waiting for info on how specifically the sticky wall works... if you can let me know by tomorrow I might be able to fold it (or some analogue) into the initial release on the green wall.

(Edit) Nearly forgot, on Thursday (tomorrow) I will be off the machine for most of the day, but go ahead and post bug reports or info here, I will be grabbing them all in the evening.


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    Perfect no more push from the keyboard

    It just slides up as intended. Awesome bug smashing rapti
  • Release release release
  • Patience young padawan
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    I just posted the best example I could find on the RWK beta 3 thread. 

    Also, I just realized and then tested to see if there was a work around, but another thing lost from the barriers not being "sticky" is the ability to enter a teleport while falling. That was always an fun obstacle. I can't believe I hadn't realized it before, but I think that one will invalidate tons of old levels (besides losing a cool addition to the game)
    Here's the quickest vid I could find of that one, just in case:

    (and just in case the timestamp doesn't carry over, it's at minute 37:50 )
  • Also, I just noticed in the beta 4 that I can now see the text bubble when typing comments on levels, which is cool, but on my device it also summons the home button row which covers some button I can only see the very edge of (and can't select). I'm guessing this is a cancel prompt that's hidden? The row will not go away over time and cannot be dismissed.

    I have a screenshot if you need it. Not sure how I'd get it to you since the image icon only let's one point to a web address. But I have one if you need it.

    Since we're talking text anyway, is there a reason swipe-texting is disabled on both Hoggy and RWK?

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    What is "swipe texting," is that where you swipe to get the word suggestions?  My games kinda "fake" the keyboard, they only receive keypresses.  I'd have to read up on how to intercept those swipes.

    As far as I know, because I have read up on this, there's no way to show the keyboard without showing the home button stuff.  They're like tied together into the OS.  It does the same thing on my Androids here, except it DOES go away when the keyboard goes away... I know all devices in Android are different, so I'll have to see if there's some default behavior I'm not setting that might have different defaults per device.

    Okay, I am going to be away from the machine all day Thursday, but assuming nothing nasty shows up, I'll plan to release on Friday.

  • Yeah, swipe texting (or swype) is where you drag your finger over the keyboard and the pattern drawn determines the word. It was never an iphone thing (although I think there may be some way to do it on an iphone now, in the past it wasn't possible) but it's always been big in android and it is seriously magnitudes faster than thumb typing. It's native to all the newer android version (like since jellybean i think, like 2012-ish). I think most people in the android world use it. You can really rival actual keyboard typing in words per minute, once it becomes comfortable.

    The thumb typing isn't a big deal, but when you get used to swyping it's kind of like going back to an old 300 baud modem.

  • The keyboard no longer pushes the screen for me either.

    I also wiped my broken save for Short & Bossy and replayed the level. The save didn't break this time. I don't remember anything about my first playthrough of this level, so I have no idea what went wrong back then.
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    You sure making explosives destroy bricks is a good idea? Even one of your own levels, Love n' Rockets, can now be partially skipped thanks to this. Who know how many other levels it'll affect?

    Edit: Perhaps you could make a new block that acts like this instead?
  • Virtually every old level will require some amount of tweaking because so many of them take advantage of bugs, so I'm not worried about that.  Too many new gameplay opportunities opened up with the mechanism.
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    #17: Turns out there's a downside to having the keyboard not push the screen. When trying to make an account, it now renders me unable to see my e-mail address as I'm typing it.

    Edit: #18: I have an account now, but I can't sign in. The game always crashes while playing a sound effect. Will send you a logcat.

    Edit 2: #19: The game claims there's a level editing tutorial at . However, that URL doesn't exist.
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    SomeRandom, are you on the latest version?  It is possible that Makermall is sending you some data that is not current.

    BTW, pointing out that Love and Rockets breaks with the exploding brick thing was the most persuasive thing you could have said to get me to remove it.  People who want me to change things take note.  I will likely remove it now.
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    Whoops, I didn't notice you released an update. Wasn't expecting that today. Will see if it still happens in the new version.

    Edit: Still happens.

    Also, if you're going to revert bricks to how they used to be, how about adding a new type of brick that can also be destroyed through explosions? Then, the new gameplay opportunities would still be possible.
  • Any new blocks I add will go into the update.  I'm already beyond overdue on this.  It'll go out as is, as soon as I can see about these soft keyboard issues (thankfully, I can manifest them).
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