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  • Just a quick tip regarding making levels. I’m sure most are already aware of but if not, it seems like progress is saved only when you click back to go to the main menu (when the screen pixilates) so do this often during level design as I lost all my progress on a level I was working on throughout the day yesterday. Unlike the old RwK, this one does seems to be working well with app switching and multitasking and that’s great but do take heed and save the progress (by exiting the maker mall) of your levels often!
  • John,
    A few comments on the new release.
    1. When I updated to IOS 11 (thank the Raptis), the jumpiness of a scrolling screen greatly reduced.
    2. The ads are working again. I will try to watch at least one ad each time I start. It’s the least I can do for all of the entertainment that RWK has brought me.
  • @raptisoft
    I know it was mentioned a couple of times on the forum, and I've had a few pals not on the forum mention as well that the trick to get the robot continuously firing no longer works.
    What about the idea of adding an app that acts as a toggle for firing? The fire button the on/off switch?
  • Really enjoying the new rwk! I like how you can save progress on multiple levels, but I miss the resume last played game option that used to appear at the top of kitty connect. Often times I close the app and then forget which level I was playing
  • Oh sheet I use that mostly as well. I haven’t done that yet as I’ve played all the levels through in one go but I can see this being an issue!
  • Yay! I just got the new version on my new iPhone. The only thing I've been using my old iPhone for is playing RWK. The new features are cool.

    I have a fairly big three-quarters-completed level on the old version that I should finish and upload soon (though IIRC it relies on the lava trick or other glitches in a few places).
  • Cool I still play the old one, Kitty Connect, so I’ll be on the lookout!
  • @Fomb you actually have real life friends playing RwK? lol, I’ve been trying to get my mates into this for years but, they just all think I’m crazy
  • Ha, yeah. Well, I've just got my nephew and his dad into it. I keep trying to convince other family and friends, but no takers so far. Maybe with the new release I'll do a better job. :)
  • @raptisoft A few things i noticed that that i figures you may want to know about:

    When I hit restart game, instead of restarting, it flashes the robot got kitty screen and goes back to the list of levels.

    When I search using a username the list of levels has the same levels listed multiple times.
  • Also, when I search for a level makers levels it brings up an incomplete list. I was searching for fomb, and it brings up only 6 different levels that repeat themselves when you press “show more.” But when I search by name of level for a level not in that list by fomb it’s searchable and shows up.

    Is there a way to have a list of all levels? Not just hot levels and new levels? Personally I liked the old way better where new ones were at the top and populated from the top down as they were created? Using the hot levels or new levels filters provide a finite list of some sort and there seems to be no way to browse outside of those filters? Frustrating to find levels to play given these constraints.
  • Easy ! just go on the search field, but don't fill anything and click "search"

    You will see all levels of the makermall ;)
  • Right, I do the same thing. Just an empty search bar brings up all the levels.
    However, the oldest/newest levels first options are switched.
    (surely it's not just my device)
    So you have to select "oldest first" then you'll get a list of all levels starting with the most recent.
  • FOMB,

    Auto fire still works ;)
    1. Hold down fire when you have the laser.
    2. Power off and power back on.

    There are circumstances that make it stop working though, eg. dragging the robot to see around you often stops auto fire.

    John, I’m trusting you NOT to disable auto fire. Please :)
  • edited January 28
    Another observation. If you’re on springs and you jump up and down, some bricks will not be broken if you have a helmet. I’m pretty sure I see this in a level called “Jack’s house” or the “house that Jack built”.

    I had to move away (stop repeatedly bouncing) and come back before I could break one set of blocks.

    I also saw something similar, I headbutted a small blue alien with a helmet and died. I was repeatedly bouncing on springs.

    I am running latest version of RWK. Latest IOS.
  • edited January 28
    Every time I start RWK, I watch at least one advert as a tribute to the Raptis Foundation.

    If I click “buy” but don’t buy, does that help you? It sometimes crashes the app, so, ill only do it if it helps you.
  • @ozboy,
    Cool find about the auto-fire. I had tried several things and couldn't get it to work. I'll try again, see if I was just doing something wrong.

    I noticed the helmet thing too. It's almost like if the robot moves too fast and hits something off screen it doesn't respond to the helmet.

    Also, there are no profile pics on my device. Is anyone else having that issue? Also, the oldest/newest level issue?
    Or is it just me?
  • @fomb the newest/oldest seems to work properly for me

    @raptisoft there’s still a glitch where if you trigger a haxxor computer and the robot and the triggered door aren’t on the same screen the door doesn’t open and will not open. The level has to be restarted. And also restarting a level doesn’t work
  • @kyleseglin, That's odd that different on our devices. Are you on the latest version? I have the latest version. Maybe it could be an Android issue? I'm on Android.

    Are your profile pics working? 

    Anyone else have any of these issues?
  • @FOMB

    I can confirm kyleseglin’s findings too. Didn’t test it thoroughly. It’s happened a few times, but, I’m so used to it being sensitive that I play cautiously. I can confirm that it’s improved but not fixed.
  • @kyleseglin, @ozboy,
    Yeah, that haxxor computer glitch has been there from the very beginning.
    I figure there must be some reason it's almost impossible to fix because through several updates (since day one of the original RWK) and the new beta and release, not to mention a ton of things we all really like being ditched (lava walk, old barriers, zero-g, etc.), the haxxor glitch is still there.
    I don't think it's going away.

    I usually make some little inlet where the computer is, so that it's not possible to get away from it before the door opens. If it just out in the open it's really easy for the glitch to be triggered, then the level is unbeatable.
  • Yeah it must be hard to get rid of. It seems to render the robot unable to collect all the hearts in your tutorial level @fomb, unless that’s intentional! Im very happy to be able to play your levels again, thanks for making them. I hope you design a long one soon!
  • @kyleseglin,
    Thankyou! I'm glad we're all kind of back together again. Thanks for playing.

    Yeah, the intention was that none of the hearts can me accessed. The tutorial hopefully teaching that very necessary-to-learn problem. It's so easy to accidentally do in levels, especially for newer level-makers.

    I'll get an inappropriately long level out before long. ;)
    Thanks again!
  • Hey all in the makermall Is there any discernible logic as to when the Velcro blocks come out looking like individual boxes (exactly as the icon appears in the editing options) vs when they are a contiguous mass of lighter purple?
  • @kyleseglin,
    I noticed that a while back. It's some kind of display glitch. If you select a color tool (like red lava) and touch them, they revert to single textured blocks, then if you use the velcro block tool again and write over them, they'll turn back into contiguous velcro blocks.
    So, it is a glitch, but there's a workaround. 
  • @fomb it doesn’t work that way for me, interestingly
  • @kyleseglin,
    Really? That's odd. It seems like there are several things that are somehow different on my device. Like the reversed "older/newer" levels and the absent profile pics.
  • For me it works like follows...

    1) Place a few velcro blocks in a row.
    2) Delete a block or a few blocks.
    3) Now, apply the velcro block again.

    All subsequent velcro blocks would now assume the old texture. Working on a level Dizzying Disco that illustrates this.
  • I have noticed the ‘delete the zoom app’ app is not in the Maker Mall. Intentional or just an oversight?
  • @raptisoft - just an idea - most of the things in rwk, once acquired, open a box or make a box disappear. What if there was something that would make a block appear? Like the opposite effect of bitcoin
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