RWK Release



  • @kyleseglin, I suggested that too a good long while back. It would be great since there's nothing like that in the game.
    It would both be useful for closing off areas (like a door closing) or making new areas accessible (like a bridge materializing).
    ...and I imagine a host of other cool things.

    I also think it would be cool to have vertical barriers (both up and down). You can jump through them but not fall back down, or you can fall into them but not jump out.

    I have a dozen other ideas, but I think we're probably out of the "new stuff" phase of the game.
  • Hola @fomb... I've tracked several crashes (including this one) on my own phone, so as soon as I get time to update it, it should increase stability quite a bit.  And yeah, I completely reversed oldest/newest and NOT A SINGLE BETA TESTER CAUGHT IT!
  • @raptisoft,
    Ha, that's funny. I started to wonder if I was going crazy. I asked several people about the reversed newest/oldest and no one said it was happening to them. 
    Also, I have no profile pics, for me or anyone else. So, that's another I don't know if anyone else is having trouble with.
    Regardless, everything else seems to be working great.
    Such a wonderful game. Thanks for all your work. :)
  • Profile pictures work properly for me
  • That's odd. Maybe it is just my phone. I had profile pics in the beginning. I think it was the last update that they disappeared. Maybe there is something about my device/android version (7) that is the problem.

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