Status 1/21/2018

Okay so quickie status update...

With RWK done and pending, I'm taking a little bit of relaxation time to recharge the batteries.

After that I will be putting out a Boneyard update.  I will either be implementing my new farming idea, or, if time is running too short, I'll just be turning imp farming back on.  A small number of users are still losing their inventories, and addressing that is paramount... if it's a quick fix, I will be putting the new stuff into Boneyard, if it's not I'm just going to turn imp farming back on and put that out.

Upcoming: Chuzzle 2 will begin production after Boneyard, and that should be a fairly short project.  Because of my relationship with Popcap games (now owned by EA) this is a thing I need to address because there's a few unknown legal factors involved.

After Chuzzle 2 it will be SKUME all the way, and that's when I will likely go into Monk Mode and you won't hear much from me except at random times when I'll drop screenshots or progress reports, and possibly a few hardware tests just to make sure one thing or another is working across multiple systems.


  • Oh, and more specific updates: RwK is still "waiting for review" at Apple.  If they don't reject it for some reason, I think you can expect a release either late Monday or early Tuesday.  On that I'll keep you posted.
  • Good map, any slots for Haphazard 2?
  • Probably no way in 2018... the next game after SKUME will be Hamsterball 2, and HH2 would be after that.
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