Recovering old RwK levels



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    I have a few more observations. I hope they help :)

    Ob3: if I collect multiple crystals, the menu doesn't show a crystal count (eg. If I have 3 crystals, I have no idea how many crystals I have as there is no number displayed)
    Ob4: when running through a narrow tunnel, I used to be able to press "jump" repeatedly to speed up a little (eg. To skip forward a fraction with each jump). This has been taken out. Can this be added back in? It's good for those with OCD :)
    Ob5: the explozors used to be able to shoot through 1 block, but only delivering 1/2 damage. I always interpreted this as a blast that had reduced effectiveness because it was blasting through a wall and part of the blast was dampened. This is now disabled. Can you please restore this behaviour?
    Ob6: if you die and you are still flashing (invincible), can you please make make the player invulnerable to lava? It's consistent (at least in my mind) because you are invincible for a short time. That should include lava.

    I like the bullet pattern from the blue bosses. They seem a little more random.

    I'm feeling sick from playing the game though. I suffer motion sickness in real life and the horizontal and vertical scrolling makes me feel like I'm going to be ill.

    John, there's some great stuff in there! This is beyond anything I expected :) I'll keep submitting observations now that I'm back home but still on holidays with family. I'm dreading FOMB's torture with some of the new behaviours.
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    @ozboy I have donations set up to just play one of the more profitable ads (the ones you watch all the way through).  I actually get quite a bit from those, and it doesn't cost my customers anything but 30 seconds of time AND it's way easier to implement than actual in-app purchases.  (If you install the app it advertises, I get quite a bit more, just FYI, not that you should do that but you should definitely do that).

    Are you on iOS?  There's a number of small glitches on iOS (I am prepping a super quick update right now that will likely go out tomorrow)... primarily, if you have your confidentiality settings turned on in iOS, it won't let those kinds of ads through.  I'm working on an update so that it tells you exactly what's wrong and why and how to fix it, if you should choose to do so.
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    not that you should do that but you should definitely do that
    Yeah, I'm on IOS. I'm still running 10.x but I'm looking to upgrade to IOS11 today.
    Ob7: Minor grammatical. A message appears during some games saying "all the bitcoins". This might be better saying "Door unlocked. All bitcoins collected" as it communicates exactly what happened and why.
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    Could be worth creating a thread just for bug reports/observations. The crystal one has come up quite a few times all across the forum.

    Indeed I'll be upgrading to iOS 11 myself today! Still waiting for the RwK update, wondering if I should uninstall/reinstall?

    I've had one observation since day one but just never mentioned it....

    6) when voting a level up/down after playing or beating it, the app should remember your choice in subsequent visits, like before.
  • Ob7: You could troll people though by making levels with Bitcoins that don't actually do anything. Then the message you suggested wouldn't make sense.
  • @fnanfne The ONLY reason to not upgrade would be if you have not uploaded anything you want to keep into Kitty Connect.  If everything's uploaded, it's all good.  iOS11 won't let you access any of my 32-bit filestreams in the game, so while your old levels will still BE THERE, they won't be able to be read.

    Maybe I'll adjust things so if there's a door, it'll say door unlocked... I originally hadn't planned to add a door, just was going to make the bitcoins be something extra you could torture your players with, like the stars in Hoggy 2.

  • Thanks John,
    Sounds perfect.
    I like the idea of a bug tracker of sorts for RWK.

    In case anyone asks,
    I'm running iMazing to backup my IOS apps. This program is what iTunes should have been. It was worth every cent (but if you look carefully, there might be a coupon code to get it cheaper). I looked up "RWK" in my apps list (in a backup of all things) and "extracted" the entire RWK folder as an .ipa to my desktop. You can rename the .ipa to .zip and read it as a regular zip file using WinRar, 7zip ect.
    I then copied the .ipa (using iMazing) to my new phone and all of my levels (bad kitty's lair, mainly) appeared on my new phone.

    I had to do this because my "battery died" and apple charged me for a replacement phone with a headphone jack that ran IOS 10 (for RWK). I then found out about the faulty iPhone batteries. I was disappointed that Apple knew about the faulty batteries from early batches of iPhone 6x models.

    Anyway, if you have Windows, I highly recommend iMazing. It works without a jailbreak! You can navigate your device and backups in exactly the same way. You can pretty much do anything that iTunes can ... and more.

  • Ob8: I tried to recover my password. I tried to recover via my email address and finally by my user name. Even after hours, there was no email - not even in my spam box.
  • Just take note that when the time comes to retire the legacy levels, just keep me in mind as I'm still recording some of them. I'll try to grab as many as I can before extinction but just a little advance warning if you please :)
  • Fnanfne,
    It won't matter if you use a tool like iMazing. You can port them yourself at any stage.
  • @OzBoy, the old legacy level sharing system is completely removed.  To being sharing again, you need to create a new account in the new system.
  • I actually did not need to create a new account, the one I've used since inception still worked when I tried just now (Oh, I had to uninstall/reinstall) However, ALL the levels I was working on (using the tablet and the new RwK) appears to be gone. Not to worry though as these were, just like the one I uploaded, crappy levels.
  • An uninstall removes everything until I can figure out the secret masonic code behind getting cloud saving to work (on both Android AND iOS!  Both of them make it as hard as possible!)
  • Right. However, my shared and uploaded levels also do not appear under "My Levels" but they do appear to be on Maker Mall and playable.
  • Yeah, that's all local data.  Like I said, when I can figure out cloud, this issue will go away... but just my initial glimpses into it make it look like a huge endeavor (like, say, two week's full time work to figure out the hidden tricks and traps).

    Even worse, when I ask for advice on iOS message boards, I am met with a strange hostility.  I guess those in the know are hoarding the secret until I can complete my application to Kool Programmer Klub.
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