RWK now available for IOS11 and Android

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Robot Wants Kitty is approved and released!  Please give your particular app store time to propagate. 

And veteran level makers, please welcome our new users with some levels that don't require a bachelor's degree in quirky wall jumping in order to win them! :D

I've set up Makermall to DOUBLE all positive Karma votes for this week, so if you want to increase your player level, put up some stuff the newbs will enjoy!


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    I have a suggestion, we're all just brainstorming here...

    Why not include a couple of more levels in the default instance of RwK? They could be short levels preparing new players for what's to come in the Maker Mall. Regardless of what happens, new players would be thrown into the deep end when visiting the Maker Mall after their purchase and after most probably, finishing the default game. If you add, say just three new levels, each introducing a new power up, even a new monster, or dare I say, one of these super glitch blocks? This will prime a user and set expectations accordingly.
  • Because it's a six year old game and I've already been porting too long, and in general RwK never did very well. :)

    If it does better with ads, I'll revisit stuff, but all in all, it's almost February now, and I would really really REALLY like to get two new games out this year.
  • Cool cool fair enough :)
  • There will be at least one update in the coming month(s), which will fix whatever bugs show up in the first week, and which will add new editor tools to fill up those blank spaces available. 
  • Incidentally, some of you might have noticed that I was able to convert the old levels from my own account and from Hamumu to share them in Makermall.  So the level conversion stuff is a success, I just need to figure out what method I am going to use to get them to their owners, and what I'm going to do with all the levels whose owners are gone.
  • Indeed. I actually just played Kitty Dome a few weeks ago so blazed through it on the tablet. I can see on the App Store, that RwK's icon has updated and also the announcement from you saying it's been updated but no update yet, strange. "C'mon, c'mon, time for double karma running out!"
  • Just downloaded it and opened it and had to close immediately because I’m in a quiet office and the music seems to play automatically at full blast despite my phone being on silent
  • Apple doesn't "officially" support that silent button for games-- you can't detect it (evidently on purpose... they want that switch to ONLY be for the phone ringer).  There's a way to catch it, but it's incredibly convoluted and I haven't worked it into my framework yet (I'm actually kinda hoping they give in and just give us a way to detect whether the silent switch is flipped or not).

    But either way, that's something I'll be doing for ONE of my upcoming games-- and whenever I do, I'll be uploading everything with it.

    Sneak off to the bathroom, go into settings, and drag the music slider down to zero.
  • If I drag it to zero, will it remember that and maintain it’s zero position when I reopen?
  • Yep.  I've learned a lot over the past couple months about what signals the modern OS's make and when they can save stuff.  Now my first port for iOS, when I did Solomon's Keep... it would have been touch and go.
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    Question - do we use our kitty connect login for maker mall, or create a new one - meaning is a kitty connect account a makermall account
  • No, Kitty Connect is an old outdated system, so you have to make a Makermall one.

    However, a Makermall account will work across any and all games that I will produce.  It's the system I'll be using from now on (I wrote it myself this time, so I can upgrade it as needed).
  • Ok great thanks
  • Wow it’s the same but it’s also different! Have to learn what all these new blocks do! When I figure it out I’ll try out some level making.

    New username: arrowhead (because I messed up creating my old one and now it won’t let me use it)
  • What is the box that has a coin in it that says “open”
  • @kyleseglin, I posted an answer on the other thread where you asked. :)
  • @Kyleseglin if you PM me I can help you get your preferred name (as long as someone else isn't using it).
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