Bring back the good bugs


I don’t know when down the line between the pre-iOS 11 version - beta - and new release that these things were “taken care of”. But I miss some fun bugs in the game that actually enhanced it:

1. The ability to hold down the shotgun or any control, go into pause mode with the other hand and then resume, making the held control stuck so for instance the shotgun would shoot on its own. This might seem like a way to make the game easier. I just think it added to the fun and action/hysteria of the gameplay.

2. The ability to force your way through the wrong way of a one-way force field by jumping intensely, repeatedly towards it.

3. The ability to move faster through narrow paths by jumping intensely, repeatedly while holding down one of the arrow buttons. This one has the same effect for gameplay as no. 1 above.

4. The ability to stand on lava until all lives go away after being hurt.

These are the ones I remember on top of my head. Please, bring them back!! If anyone else has noticed any “bugs” gone that enhanced your gameplay experience, please tell!



  • Ultimately, we bow to our lord Raptis (he is an awesome guy, no sarcasm intended).
    I agree with all of your points, except 2 because John implemented slow doors to achieve a similar effect.

    You can trigger auto fire by powering off your iPhone instead of going into the menu.

    If you can, please watch ads and consider downloading the advertised apps. John didn’t have into update this app - and this will be his only revenue stream. I personally watch one video per session that I play the game when I’m connected to WIFI.

    I also offered to port old levels for John. To me, this has impacted the fun of RWK for me. There were so many superb levels.

    I have about two weeks before I disappear, so, my capacity to transfer levels is quite short. It’s not going to happen.

    Thanks for the comments.
  • Thanks for the comment helping me keep auto firing ☺️. This has constantly been my only go to game app since early 2011, so I was overwhelmed when I noticed the app had come back just seeing the updated icon in my games folder. I will try and remember to watch ads. Thanks!
  • I agree. A bunch of us have done our best to convince the powers that be to keep some of these great glitches. My fav being the old barriers that had several really cool options because of their workings. However, I don't think they're going to survive. Players love them, but the creator does not.
    I've been hoping for an "official beta" version that might include all of the old bugs and could be a great testing ground for new ideas and glitches. He said he'll think about it.
    Let's just keep our fingers crossed. :)
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    The only issue on my leaving or not leaving bugs is whether a creator creates a level that looks "impossible" to someone who doesn't know the glitch.  Anything that causes that will be terminated with extreme prejudice because I get e-mails telling me what a cruddy programmer I am, or 1-star reviews and suchlike.

    That said, what I will attempt to do at all times is produce tiles/tools that allow near analogues of the bug in question.  Sometimes I have to ponder on that a bit.  For example-- one way walls that can be penetrated if you know some secret weird move... that's absolutely impossible for a new user to play-- from their perspective, someone managed to upload an unwinnable level, and their next step is to never play shared levels again.  So I created the slow wall that stops rockets, but can be penetrated if you slam into it and then quickly head into it.  Similar effect (I realize not exact, but it can be understood by new users).

    So standing on lava... I have been contemplating how to do this that also doesn't create levels that confuse new users (new users aren't always "in the know" that some designers set up levels where you suicide, then run across lava-- to them it looks like an impossible level).  So I sit and think, what's the best way to handle this... a powerup?  Some sort of thing you hit that creates a temporary light bridge that you have to race across?  Somewhere, there's a GOOD IDEA that has the same effect, I just need to tap into it.

    One thing that will mitigate this somewhat is that I am going to allow Hoggy-style signs so that the creator can communicate with the player a bit.  If you're going to exploit bugs, I expect you to provide an explanation within the level!
  • And I am working on the old-level transfer.  The big delay factor on this is RwK is continuing its record of very few downloads, and it's not really producing ad revenue either.  But I am dedicated to my players, so I WILL keep updating-- it'll just be on a slow schedule.
  • Remember the comment section in the levels. Most all your concerns can be addressed and allayed here. Surely a new player would consult this before he/she sends you a tirade or leaves a 1 star.

    The one way wall was ‘sticky’, in that if you zoom into it, you don’t stop as if you just hit a wall but rather stick to it as long as you zoom. I’ll see if I can find another quick example and share it here.
  • Example 1: (47s)

    Example 2: (21s)

  • Thanks John,
    I am very grateful for what you’re doing. Your explanation makes sense. I don’t feel the lava is a big issue - but I don’t get the nasty grams either. You made an excellent compromise with the Velcro.
    If I see a tricky level, I will comment on a workaround to help others - and I’ve done this already a few times.
    I would like you to think about the lava carefully - because the flashing (invincibility) would make the robot invincible to everything, even lava - I consider this a logical and consistent behaviour :)

    Viva la kitty
  • @raptisoft what if you change the way the green slow pass through barriers react to the horizontal rocket so that it mimics the behavior in the @fnanfne posted?
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    @raptisoft, @fnanfne,
    Those vids Fnanfne posted are excellent examples of the old barrier use and, as per the megaman video you posted some threads ago, it self-teaches the technique. There is literally nothing else to do but the technique in these moments. I know I've said this before, but a simple page explaining the techniques (in-game) with a link to these very videos (or vids we more specifically tailored for the technique) and everything is clear and we get back some of the subtlety an nuance of the game.
    This coupled with the already in place tags (hard, tricky, insane, unfair is even a tag!) and there shouldn't be a problem.
    I would totally be willing to write up text explaining a few glitches if that helped. And with the vids already out there by fnanfne (or new ones that would be more specific) we'd have the video links pretty much instantly ready to go.

    Or we could just do the "official beta" idea, where we'd have a place for us. Two apps, offical RWK, and offical beta. Two potential revenue streams. You could also see which one gets more traction. Might be helpful in deciding how impactful these angry complainers actually are.

    I'm sure getting angry emails/poor ratings stinks, but it seems like it's angry people, who totally give up, don't try, and ignore clearly marked tags, are in some way dictating how the game is being altered. I obviously don't know the business end of this but I can't imagine these people are your cash-cows. They have to be fringe "looky-loos" who probably won't stick with the game long and most likely won't purchase ad removal. And really, if some of these harder techniques anger them so, there are plenty of ways to make levels challenging that would seem just as "impossible". I'm sure these angry folks would be just as eager to complain about hard levels regardless. I myself had a couple of moments recently where what I had to do in a level seemed impossible. There were no glitches involved, just well designed tricky level making.

    Also, I know it has been brought up a bunch over the years, but I've never actually heard an explanation. The haxxor app glitch is one we'd all like to see go. It's been there from the beginning and it's totally destructive to the game. Unlike the other useful techniques that might make, to some angry players, a level seem "impossible", the haxxor glitch can and often does make a level actually impossible to complete. And what's more, it's so easy to trigger this glitch that it happens frequently in newer level-makers levels. I've kind of just assumed there is some aspect of this glitch that is near impossible to deal with since it's been with us from the very beginning, but it does seem like the glitches we all love are all disappearing quick and the truly destructive one is here to stay. Is it just something that is almost impossible to fix? Because to me it seems that all the effort spent on getting rid of the good glitches would be much better spent on getting rid of the actual destructive ones.
    I do recognize you have gotten rid of several destructive glitches: the crystal glitch, the melted boss block glitch, and a few others I can't think of off the top of my head. Those changes have been great improvements. I am grateful for those. I hope I don't seem ungrateful. I love the work you do and I love this game. It is, in my opinion, the best game out there.
  • @fomb I agree about the haxxor glitch.  I even made a short level a couple of years ago (subtly titled 'please fix haxxor glitch') that illustrated it.  There is nothing more frustrating in this otherwise amazing game than dying just as you trigger a haxxor computer, then returning to find that the gate can no longer be opened.
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