Status 2/5/2018

Okay, so here's my current status blog whatever...

After being downstate for a week with no computer and only a phone (we expected to go down for one night, ended up there all week), I came back and hit Chuzzle 2 hard.  The game is about 75% done now (though any developer will tell you the last 5% of a game is what takes all the time).  So that has progressed nicely.  I should hit a breaking point soon, and during the breaking point I will update Boneyard (don't get excited-- because I want to be on SKUME in March, I will probably just restore the ability to farm imps in Boneyard and save the kewl runic stuff I was going to put in SKUME itself).  I also intend to update RwK to fill out those empty tool slots and fix crashes, hopefully this month as well.

A note on Chuzzle 2: Because the first one was optioned by Popcap games, I have to give them first refusal on it.  For this reason, it might not appear when I have actually finished it, it might go into development with them.  But I need to get them a copy so they can begin their process. 

Why now?  Popcap stopped published Chuzzle on mobile in 2014.  When Apple killed off 32-bit apps I was suddenly inundated with users who lost the game.  I tried for the last six months to get the rights to publish Chuzzle on platforms that Popcap is not covering, but no deal.  My only option to get my players back playing Chuzzle is to write the sequel (which I have rights to).  Even worse, I told some of these people I hoped to have it done by the end of 2017, which was my optimistic prediction because I didn't know how much time I'd spend squashing "new bugs" that arose from these newer operating systems.  So that's the story there.

I know visitors come here trying to figure out when a particular game they like is coming out... reminder that if I give a date, it just means something paranormal will happen to destroy my ability to meet that deadline.  But I don't think there's any harm in my sharing my intended order of operations, which is:

Finish Chuzzle 2, deliver to Popcap
Update Boneyard
Update RwK
Update Keep
Write Solomon's Keep - Ultimate Metal Edition
Write Hamsterball 2
Write a sequel to Robot Wants Kitty (i.e. a mini-metroidvania), either as Hap Hazard 2 or as Solomon's Keep Jr.

None of that is set in stone, but those are my intentions as of right this moment, based on user demand!


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    May the gears of fate favor you.

    Edit: btw how do you farm using imps I never understood that.
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    imps spawned by the Unholy can be used to farm items and golds. (if you can survive long enough to get what you want.)
  • How would you feel about putting the imp farming back into game for the time being. I haven’t played in about 1.5 months, waiting on the farming method. Would love to kill time again and the farming definitely helps with the fun.
  • @Peppermaster

    i've gotten to the 3rd unholy before and never got any drops from the imps (a little gold but then again i dun use much gold finding once i have what i need for gold)
  • @war2k

    that is because the imp farm is disabled currently. If you look closely above, Mr. Raptis says it will be restore in the next patch.
  • @Peppermaster

    i should have been clearer, i was talking about before like during the beta testing for SB when it first hit android, sorry.
    The imps never dropped anything at all (other than some gold)
  • I would get random skill bonuses, rings, and quad swords.
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    Well, I actually never saw or done any imp farm by myself. . . So I can’t be too sure about the existence of imp farm. I normally just push away Unholy by using wazoo with high chill wind so it is impossible to see any imp farming stuff (because bosses don’t attack until it is close to player, i can just simply push ‘em away without getting attacked. Of course, once it gets close, im dead in 10 seconds)

    But apparently some people have not only used this imp farm to get all the gold and item they need but also claimed that it is the tradition(?) of Solomon’s boneyard.
  • Yeah, I had enjoyed it for years. Just assumed that it was supposed to be in the game. It’s the only reason I was able to get around 500k kills lol
  • Omg i just realized that i put @Peppermaster instead of @war2k
  • @war errrrrrr @Peppermaster :P
    I honestly had an easier time farming items back on the ios before the the droid revolution (lol), I have probably just had a lot of bad runs (all of them apparently)
  • Chuzzle 2 link?

  • Chuzzle 2 is still being made, I'm pretty sure he said that. There's no link right now the only information available is pretty much all in this thread.
  • Correct, as we speak John is hard at work doing Chuzzle 2. He did tell me he is having fun doing it as well.

    Darkest Wishes,

    The Dork Lord

  • Just joined to say THANK YOU FOR WORKING ON CHUZZLE 2. Can't wait.
  • This may sound a bit over the top but I love Chuzzle so much that I was considering buying an old iphone just to play it. Then I saw a post about Apple throttling the older phones making them practically unusable.  Good thing because I can't actually afford to buy a phone for one game!

    Please Finish Chuzzle 2 and deliver to Popcap. Create a account or a donation thing if you need monetary inspiration (lol). 
  • Maybe we can get this going faster by engaging more people on Facebook and Twitter"

  • Why would you want it faster? You do realize that making things progress faster raises the chance for errors, glitches, and headaches. Bringing more attention to any game is great, but don't pressure him to finish it quicker. Thats just as bad as a publisher rushing a developer lol.
  • A great example of ruining a fine game by pressuring the developer would be Ultima 8 & 9. 
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