Friday WhatTheHeck

(Technically thursday night.. sue me.)

havent had one of these in a while, but figured id make one to try and get them going again. im moving so its a way to say i wont be able to respond much for a week or so too lol.. not a very far move, but im going from a place thats just barely better then a studio (1 bedroom/bathroom, and 1 kitchen/diningroom) to a 2 bedroom duplex with tons more space.. the only thing thats killing me is the fact that i gotta move all my crap by myself, i dont have any friends in the area that are able to help, and i have a messed up shoulder and severe asthma (hence the reason i even have this appartment, its reserved for disabled/elderly people) best i can do is to just try n keep it slow n steady, got a little over a week to move, and ive got a decent start, some of the biggest crap is over already, couch table bed dresser, probably gunna take small crap tomorrow to try n give myself a break tho >.> but anyways, enough about that, is there anything new with you guys that you wanna share to get this friday night update going again?


  • Haha, I got into a good working groove and I completely forgot about Fridays

    Hey Tears, have you tried giving up milk?  My wife had mild to severe asthma all her life, and as soon as she edited all milk products out of her life it completely vanished.  (Means a lot of ingredient reading tho!)
  • Oh man, how can one live without milk? :o I also have asthma, though I have gotten better. Maybe the honeyed seahorse they used to give me actually worked.

    Today I met a new girl at work. Boss said he couldn't completely trust her yet, since she supposedly looked "cunning". Feel kinda bad for her to gain that kind of first impression lol
  • I love milk. I used to drink like a gallon a day back in high school (a year ago) but for the past since months its been making me incredibly sick if I drink any. I don't ever throw up but it just hurts my stomach so bad, if I didn't have such an opposition to throwing up I would have ha. I still drink it regularly though, it's too good!

    But I hear the silk soy milk is actually really good I've never tried it though. 
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    by all means, keep that groove going :P but yes i never really was much of a milk drinker because of my asthma, i did try to completely avoid it for a while, and all that did was make me (slightly) lactose intolerant, with no improvement to my asthma. ive also tried a 2 week water fast (supposed to have a lot of beneficial effects, detoxing the body and helping with a myriad of illnesses) but all to no avail..

    about 2 years ago now i actually clinically died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital for my asthma.. i never "seen the light" or any of that other out of body experience stuff people talk about, the last thing i remember was sitting on the porch looking at the emt's shoes, then next thing i woke up in the hospital icu (apparently i was walking around and answering questions and stuff, nodding yes and no and all that, but i dont remember a thing of it)

    i also gave the staff a bit of a rough time too i guess, they had to intubate  me and i ripped it out, so they put me into a medically induced coma, and i still woke up from that and apparently took a swing at a nurse (all of this is extremely against my normal character, and minus the bruising on my hands i wouldnt beleive i did it) so they doubled up on the meds to re induce me and strapped me to the bed till they could get me stable.. was a fun experience >.>

    Edit: (also got a comment about the cunning girl but i g2g, dont have time to write it, ill edit it later XD)
  • >>But I hear the silk soy milk is actually really good I've never tried it though.

    Try the almond Milk.  IMO, it's basically the same thing.

    >> all that did was make me (slightly) lactose intolerant,

    I gave it up while my wife was, just for solidarity, and I can no longer drink it-- I get sinus infections whenever I do!  It makes me wonder if it was ever smart for me to be drinking it in the first place.

  • "probably gunna take small crap tomorrow"

    I read that as "probably gunna take a small crap tomorrow"!!!!! 

  • ^ lmao same here
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