Monday Screenshot 2/23/15

Although Solomon's Keep will always remain a game that "can be won in an hour," there will exist a good deal of optional adventuring in the countryside that one can do outside of the main quest.  The focus of these adventures (for instance, seeking out Solomon's True Name) will be to increase your character's ability to rock the Milestone baddies, unlock secret places, and take on Solomon himself.


  • So are the battle in the keep or in a bone yard? This will be a remake of Keep so I'm guessing that mean it will be like the old one just with those other places to visit? And Solomon's true name.. Thats very interesting... almost want to guess
  • I am being very careful with giving out game details because it was all my youtube videos and announcements previous that got me noticed before.  Those who played the beta of Solomon Dark, the work done in there is not going to be wasted.  At the same time, that's not going to be the focus of this game... it'll be a sort of game-within-a-game.
  • Cool, a hub level!

    Lemme guess, Dead Hawg is your town, Mount Awful is for entering dungeons, and Boneyard is a grinding level? :p that would mean the location we're seeing is Grimwood eh?
  • Is it rlly that dark? *crosses fingers for lighting options* :p
  • It looks a bit darker on these pages because it's surrounded by all white.  But of course there's a gamma slider!
  • Nice! I like the wheel ruts to the Boneyard. Nice touch.

    @windslayer Dead Hawg is the town is Solomon's Keep and the actual keep stands at the very peak of Mount Awful (But I think there's a forest in between?).
  • Just a tiny scrap of forest in-between... the real bulk of the grimwood is mostly east of town.
  • Oh those are wheel ruts! So it's either people avoiding Mount Awful or Solomon leaving traces after robbing graves eh? >:)

    It's neat to know we'll be seeing Grimwood as well :D
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