No response for $25000 GOLD purchase for Solomon's Boneyard Game

I have purchased the item $25000 gold in Solomon's Boneyard Game...but no coins added ......
Please advise with thanks


  • Hi there,

    That transaction happens on Apple's server... did you receive a receipt for it?  It's possible it never went through.  If you receive a receipt, contact us via here: so it can get into my system.
  • I do not receive a receipt. How to make the item came true ??
  • Hi,

    If Apple didn't send a receipt, then the sale will not have gone through.  You might have experienced some sort of connectivity issue, to Apple's servers.  You can safely try to put the sale through again... if Apple didn't send a receipt, it didn't go through.
  • Dear Admin

    I received the receipt from Apple,what should I do to get the $25000 in game ?
  • Hi Sonic,

    Can you continue the conversation here:

    Thanks!  We might have to refund... a couple of iOS updates broke a few things in my older games.
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