Hoggy 2 monitoring

Hey, I don't know if this is discussed elsewhere (couldn't find it) but there's a good deal of language being thrown around on the Hoggy comments. It's mostly coming from "mrpuzzle" who has told people their levels are f-ing this or that and even called someone an f-ing b-tch (I don't know what the policy is on language in the forum, so...)  A couple of levels to check are Chilli Jam 7, and Chilli Jam 8 by sweetchilli.

I would recommend banning this "mrpuzzle". I've got some family kiddos that love Hoggy.   I don't want my family to have to stop playing Hoggy and if they stop I'd lose some incentive to make levels too.  I'm sure there's other in the same boat.
Just wanted to give someone a heads up.


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    Hi there... no I was unaware that Mr. Puzzle had started (we had a previous run in with another player who was also swearing).  Usually this stuff gets reported to me quickly... thanks for weighing in.

    The next update will have some fixes for this stuff (the obscenity filter is utterly broken for some reason-- one exists in the program, but it's not filtering at ALL).

    Mr. Puzzle will be warned and banned it he persists.

    Also, I had planned to do a more extensive Hoggy update, but I'll do a quickie one to fix the swear filter.
  • Thanks, I think that will help a lot of players who have kids. :)
  • It's going into testing right now... I'll submit it as soon as Rasta gives me the greenlight.
  • Sounds great!  That's quick!
  • Well, discovering that the swear filter stopped working somewhere between the first release and now panicked me, frankly.
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