Hoggy Glitches

Hey, did you all fix the wild background glitch? It doesn't seem to function anymore.


  • Yes, it's patched !
  • That's kind of disappointing because the glitch was very cool. I wonder if there's a way to add it back in, maybe add it as an actual choice in the background selections.  Maybe call it a chaos background?

    It was very cool, added a crazy, mysterious element.
  • That glitch could potentially be used to crash the game, it would only have been a matter of time until one of those enterprising level makers figured out how.

    I'll see about adding some more flexibility for interesting stuff in the "big update" that I plan after porting RwK.  Why not put a script on a timer and have it change the background every .1 seconds or something?
  • Yeah, something not potentially damaging, but chaotic none the less. 
    A similar effect to the background glitch might be to use a screenshot for the background, updating like every .1 second or so. Or maybe using just a few point on the screen as a background that updates.
    But yeah, it's always exciting to have something crazy happen.

  • I also just noticed the glitch were obliterating the skull boxes didn't remove the graphics has been fixed.
    That was another really cool glitch. Passable walls adds a fun zelda-esque element to the game.
  • You guys put them in, then I get e-mails that say "so and so uploaded an impossible level, your algorithm sucks, you suck, I hate this game." :)
  • Yeah, I can imagine that happens a lot, but I would also imagine that's the case for levels that are just really hard too. Also, unlike RWK, I don't know a way to upload a level that can't be beaten. If there is such a glitch I haven't found it yet. ;)
    Still love Hoggy.   ...but I love the glitches too.

    Maybe in the future something that purposefully allows solid walls to become passable?
  • Yes, I'll put in a way to make secrets... you're not the first to want that.
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