Hoggy 2 problems

Hey, just hoping to get some advice. Over the past couple of months my version of Hoggy 2 has become really unstable. It freezes and crashes often. I usually have to start it 3-4 times before I can actually play it. A little frustrating, but since yesterday I can't actually make a level anymore. It will crash during level construction and revert to a blank level when I find it again (not saving any progress) I don't think it's possible for me to make even a simple level now. 
I am kind of wondering if it could have anything to do with having a ton of levels that I've made on the device, I dunno, using up too much memory or something?
I'm running it on a Nexus 6 with Android N 7.0
I have tried the "fix hoggy" in the Haxxor section (not sure exactly what that fixes, but hasn't done anything about this issue)
Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    try that: Go on h@xxor stuff, and tap "clearcache" , close H2, and close all multitask apps, restart your device and try Hoggy 2 again. Works better now ?
  • Actually, you may want to refrain from doing anything with your save data. If something's wrong with it, it's possible John would want to take a look at it so he can fix whatever bug caused it.
  • This actually sounds like a space issue... clearing the cache is safe, that is just getting rid of all the work files associated with downloading/playing levels.  That's actually the first step I'd recommend.

    Hoggy can't send sandboxes yet, too... it will be capable after the next update.
  • Thanks everybody! I did as prescribed and I managed to get a level done and out. I still had to start Hoggy a couple of times. I forgot to mention this before, but often Hoggy starts with the "get rid of the ads" badge and anything I do seems to shut the app down. It usually only does that once before I can get in, but just about always happens when I'm ready to play.

    Still does this even after I cleared the cache (which happened successfully and I did restart my device).
    Also, it did crash after I played a game (since the cache clear),
    but overall it's doing better since I did get a level out.

    Any suggestions how to get the "ads" thing gone for good and/or make the crashing completely stop? Could it be too many levels on the device (I have made a bunch).
    It shouldn't be a memory or storage issue on my phone (I'm not running anything else in the background and have about 15GB of storage).  
    Anyway, thanks for the help.
  • Hi Fomb... I'm planning a Hoggy update sometime in December.  With your permission, when I sit down to work, I'll PM you to try to get additional information.  Since you're on Android, I will be able to get more data from you.
  • Sure, that sounds great. I still am getting a lot of crashing and level start up issues. But I did get that level out so that's good. I'll try making some more levels and see if the level blanking thing returns. If not, then it's overall manageable, so should be fine. :)
  • Posted a couple of more levels, so all seems good with level making. That's the biggest part.
    Thanks again for the help.
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