Status 12/01/2017

Okay, this is canon.

Once there was this evil wizard with a black heart called Solomon Dark.  Hey enjoyed activities such as robbing graveyards, defleshing the newly and less recently dead, and also patching up the recently dead to make them more robust.  He also dabbled in demons.  All this is known.  But what is not known is that this was not enough!  How, he thought, could he bring the entire world to its knees?

He sat and pondered for ages and ages-- no plan was good enough.  Anything he tried would result in an inconvenient resistance, and he wanted to spend his time dark lording, not putting down various pathetic heroes who tried to stop him and frankly weren't even a challenge any more.

At last he hit upon the idea of disease... he could infect the world!  But how to spread it?  Even the peasants understood the notion of quarantine, and the Brotherhood of the Blinding Light had among their ranks an specific echelon of healers who understood the ins and outs of disease vectors very well.  It seemed like a non starter.

But Solomon is both tenacious and obsessive, and his mind gnawed at the problem for years until he came up with a brilliant solution: he would invent a feast day, a special celebration for the peasants to partake in after the harvests.  It would cause the common folk to travel far and wide to visit family and friends, and by doing so, they would spread infection everywhere, and not even the best healers would be able to enforce quarantine.  The fools would become willing co-conspirators in his evil plot, and if he played his cards right, he could even make it so that those who did not want to help spread disease would be shamed and shunned as antisocial.  It was perfect.  He summoned up his first helper imp right away.

The rest is history, and thus Thanksgiving was born.

Today's agenda: Heal from the Thanksgiving diseases.


  • Awesome lore man, enjoy your rest.
  • Here is what we can learn from this:
    1. Solomon smokes so much that even his heart is black for some reason.

    2. Gentries and lords celebrate it for some reason.

    3. Solomon > Raptisoft
  • Woah woah woah Dr pepper settle down there everyone know rapti is better...... He can just write Solomon out of existence. (Does this mean rapti can cheat?!?!?)

    (Dramatic music play's as the narrator speaks)
    Tune in next time
    Same bat time
    Same bat channel

    Hehe :))
  • At least solomon got him with thanksgiving scheme. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Yeah. I guess Solomon 1 Raptisoft 0 would be more accurate
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