1 fps with maxed fire missile and +150% faster casting

It's sad, because I really would've enjoyed this setup if it weren't for the unusable frame rate. Is there any reasonable fix for this? I'm on a oneplus 3, I don't think cpu/gpu power would be the issue?


  • On Solomon dark that at a sooooo buttery smooth its sick......a maxed out fire missle with ember imp now there's some fps stomping if that were on an android, it would make any flagship phone cry uncle lol
  • Hey... if you can drop Kevin a line at www.raptisoft.com/contact and tell him I asked for your savegame, I can take a look at it.  I am planning one more Boneyard update this year, so I can maybe look into it.

    GPU power normally wouldn't be an issue, but some android versions do weird stuff like emulating OpenGL in weird ways that don't work well with the way I draw things (which is unorthodox).

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