[Boneyard] Export IOS savegame to Android

As the title may have informed you, I want to export my SB savegame from IOS to my new Android device. I've searched the forums and but I didn't find a clear yes or no. (Cloud saves were disabled because Apple screwed up compatibility or something and transferring purchases is only possible with receipt)

Is it somehow possible?


  • Is not possible to export your Ios data to Android.
  • edited December 2017
    If the format between both versions is identical, you should be able to if you're jailbroken.
  • Oh here's an idea what if a script were in the ios version of SK/SB where you press a menu button that lets you send yourself (or anyone else) the save file via email. I'm sure the file format is the same for ios and Android so you'd just have to place the file properly on your android and you'd be good to go.
  • It'll be possible with SKHD... but I don't want to invest the time (because I have to make a server component to do it) in these older versions, especially now that I am running approximately TWO MONTHS behind where I want to be.
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