Solomon Dark. Future updates?

Here are some things I miss & and wondering if you’re thinking about ever making any changes:
1. Turning off boss (and other fates)
2. The old magic bag
3. permanent extra perks (or making the tonic cheaper. Isn’t 2000 a little expensive?)

Are you considering changing any of these things?


  • 1. You can still turn off the boss (in settings)
    2. No, it's staying this way... what's the problem?  I thought this was a huge advantage because you don't have to lug around every single ring, you can specialize your character.
    3. There's going to be a way to make tonics cheaper in the next update. 
  • Is there any idea when the next update will be available for the cheaper tonic perk? Also can you reveal what that will be? :)
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    I can't give dates... :)  It'll be the first thing I do after RwK is out, or at least in full-blown beta.
  • Wait Solomon Dark is getting updates in the future?
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    Solomon Dark = Solomon's Boneyard
    It is very annoying that people are keep calling solomon's boneyard a solomon dark. It may give some people a false hope and make them say #whereismydarkjohn.
  • Ahh okay gotcha
  • Ok so Im like in love with the actual Solomon Dark beta. I know that it had to get cancelled but will it ever get revived or will another Solomons Boneyard like game come out? 
  • Solomon's Keep HD is what is planned right now.  It will have enough modding tools that it will be possible for modders to "create" Solomon's Boneyard or Solomon Dark with it.
  • Hi! i am new ;) i would suggest some ideas for  new future update of solomon boneyard:

    -insert a botton in the scavanger that grant to pick all the rings i have( and so don't spend time to pick one for one)

    -solve the 5 spells in game crush( ) and bug ( )

    -grants the level 25 spells also while i am using a double spell(very cool i think)

    -insert the earth power of solomon dark in the game(this will be a miracle <3)

    solomon boneyard is my favorite game, thanks for had updated it after years! :)
  • TempOCD, I have sent you a PM!

    Also, happy to see someone using the Steam/Bacon spell.  It gets a lot of grief on these forums!
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    perfect, done it ;)
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