Status 12/06/2017

Terrible!  We had big windstorms here and I had no internet.  I still don't have internet, but I figured out how to tether to my phone (last time I tried this, I had iOS and it was next to impossible... with Android it was just turn a setting on, go figure).

So... I couldn't do anything yesterday because I needed the internet component of RwK.

Resuming today!  No dates.


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    Wish you luck on surviving days without (sort of) internet

    P.S. Just wondering, do you live in Michigan? 
  • Windstorms are a thing? Like knock you down and drag you around strong? If so that's crazy.
  • All you need is chill wind :D
  • Maddness
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    Around this time of year we get what are essentially mini-hurricanes up here in the hinterlands.  We got some 50-60 mph gusts.  For a place without palm trees, that means trees come down, and when trees come down, so do the power lines, which, after all, are unchanged since the 1940s in that they hang on poles where they can be easily destroyed.

    Don't like to put any info about where I live where it could be archived.  Early on my career, with my first game (Eggsucker), I let too much information out and some guy whose computer crashed while he was playing found me and started delivering mailed (real mail, not e-mail) death threats.
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