Boneyard Betas... a new rollout

Hi Boneyard betas... I am rolling out a very small update, just to get in a feature that allows you to reduce tonic costs by purchasing a fate.  It's submitted now and should be rolling out in the next 1-3 hours.  Please give it a try and let me know if you run into any problems!


  • This isn't the one with the farming features you were mentioning in another thread is it?
  • No, those will go in soon.  I'm just going to update in little bits and spurts from now until Christmas.
  • ah cool cool

    just how far can you down grade the price on the tonics?
  • You can get it down to $100, but it takes a long time.  But it'll give you something to always invest gold in for a while (so will the grinding stuff when I get that in).
  • Awesome looking forward to the new features :D
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