Status 12/08/2017

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Just RwK.

For those wondering why RwK is taking so long:
I'm trying to migrate to cheaper hosting (nobody goes there), but the old kitty connect prevents me from doing so.  So I'm connecting RwK up to the same sharing code as Hoggy 2, since it has more features (like comments and karma) and also is hosted at a fantastic place where I have total control over everything.

That's why it's taking so long... I'm essentially having to rewrite the client-side level sharing stuff from scratch, because the guy who wrote this stuff back in 2011?  He was a real idiot.


  • The code worked all this time, didn't it - he couldn't have been too bad ;)

    If we can test local levels, wouldn't that be a good start to getting you feedback for a beta? That wouldn't need network capability for that?

    I really appreciate the updates. Hopefully, you've added me to the beta list for Android. Signed up a few days ago.
  • I could send out a local levels beta, but I wouldn't want to bog down in fixing single player issues rather than getting the whole shebang into testing.  Fixing doesn't mix well with new coding.
  • I really want to be part of the beta testing too. Do I need to sign up somewhere? Or did I already? Ha.
    Very excited. Can't wait.
  • ...I just saw I had a message a long time ago about testing. Did the reddit thing and sent a message to the testing admins (probably you). Hope I'm not too late.
  • Fomb, if you used the link from these forums, that is still active.  I won't close it up until I send out the first beta.
  • Ok, cool. When I click the link it says "you must be invited to this community" and that's all. Is that because the first beta isn't out yet, so nothing there quite yet?

  • Reddit? Did I miss something?
  • Reddit are like apps in that; if there's an app for it, there's likely a sub reddit for it too! I think if you follow this forum, you're in the know so you didn't miss anything.
  • Fomb, I meant this link:

    Reddit didn't really work out, it would scramble the order of everything based on the upvotes so I was having one heck of a time keeping track of issues.  I do it all on this forum now.
  • Ok, cool. Just sent the email. :)
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